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    a bmx racing game would SUCK. do nascar games suck? yes. it would be that same thing….it wouldn’t generate any money, that is why there is no bmx racing game…..


    i would assume you either A/ dont have any kids and
    B/ are not in the marketing field or
    C/ have absolutely no vision

    i am with brett… why not? if you dont ask you dont get. if everyone had that attitude kids would be riding around with tassles hanging off their handlebars instead of racing bikes. someone had an idea somewhere along the line. you mean to tell me that violence sells more than sports- related video games? it has to be 50/50 and from a parents perspective i would rather spend the money for christmas presents on the sporting video games.(if i HAVE to) i buy for all my neices and nephews and i had to buy at least 4-5 of those tony hawk games when they first came out and there was a backorder too!! so why not bmx racing?

    maybe you are right maybe it wouldnt appeal to the older rider but you have to remember that the audience you want to hit first is the younger kids. like i said i am not into video games but any promo for the sport is better than nothing.


    I got a really cool idea

    Instead, of playing a video game, go ride your bike


    all im saying is that just a plain racing game wouldnt be fun for long. moving a bike around a track over and over on a tv screen just isnt enough action for kids these days…. mx racing games have tricks in them thats why they are fun. skateboarding games have tricks in them so they are fun. freestyle bmx games are fun because they have tricks in them. a racing game would be entertaining for a short period of time to a limited audience, because there is only so much action that can happen in a game like that. it wouldnt be like the real thing, rubbin elbows in the turns….i agree with the sattement that they should be out on thier bikes instead of playing video games…video games are for the birds anyway…


    I will say this
    if you make a race game where you can hit big jumps, do tricks and…
    go into a corner foot down and pimp people..
    it will be cool…


    the last time I saw a foot out at a BMX race, was my dog against the fence, if ya get my drift




    excite bike

    nuff said


    time for me to step up to the plate..

    twigglesworth587, NASCAR games DO NOT suck. Have you ever tried NASCAR 2003 (for PC) ?

    This is not a game..its a simulation…BIG difference. One of the things i have been doing in my 11 years out of racing is racing online….mostly with the above mentioned game.

    Now on the other hand, if your talking EA Sports version of the game…yes, it sucks bad.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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