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    Wow. Its 3am in the morning and I am sitting here reading all the wonderful threads and posts that exploded over the last couple of days. Because of this, I feel compelled to express my thoughts and feelings on many different topics, so this could turn into a book, so enjoy. 🙄

    First up: I wouldnt be surprised if there are at least a couple of people in the state getting a good laugh out of the near implosion that is taking place here over the last couple of days. We gotta regroup y’all.

    In some respects this site has become an “activist” site of sorts. So now several people have started throwing around the “what have you done” poop.

    Here’s my thoughts on that: I spent this last year getting back into the sport. Am I happy with what I saw when I came back. Believe it or not, yes, but that is because I was happy to see any track in NJ where, as Adam puts it, I could “just ride” (in my case “just race”). Now Adam, you promote “just ride” and I think that is awesome. Others here are in the “just race” camp. As I raced more, I started to realize that something was wrong. There had to be something wrong. Look at the number of motos we get at a local race. Not cool. Is it anyone’s fault? I dont know, I havent been back long enough. But I do hate when I hear “it is what it is, BMX racing just isn’t that accepted, blah blah blah”.

    I have jumped on Brett’s bandwagon for the most part. I know, where was I at the meetings? I only attended parts of two track or state meetings this year. I happen to have a very talented wife who outside of being a public school music teacher, has multiple musical commitments throughout the week including weekends. I have two kids, 2 & 5, that do not race (yet?). We are active in our church. I choose to be in the mortgage biz which can be 24/7 at times. And, to top it all off, my wife’s dad (her mom is deceased) started experiencing severe health problems in June and the issues are ongoing. Its amazing I even raced this year just with what we have had to handle with and for him.

    What this has made me realize is that we all have to find things we can personally do within our own schedule limitations that will benefit this sport. I have every intention of being at the Jan meeting and part of a unified voice for growth, evolution and change, but I also have started working on some things that I CAN commit more time to in my schedule that could benefit the local scene. No one should be asking anyone to justify what work they have done. If you come to the tracks and events enough, you know who’s who. I agree with MacDaddy that because they are at so many different tracks during the week, they cant do much more. But you see a love for the sport with him and his son and I just hope they use that enthusiasm to promote locally, get flyers out in their area, talk to other kids, etc.

    Yes, some are super maniacs like Brett. We need Brett. SOMEBODY had to get things started, right? I once heard someone say “beginning is half done”. The hardest part of any worthwhile task is getting it started.

    To Adam: bro, go ride. Its obviously in your blood. You love being on a BMX bike. Yes, some of us are control freaks. But most of us just want our end of BMX, which is BMX Racing, to thrive once more. Its gonna take some one or some group to have control over how things evolve. All I would ever ask of you is if someone asks about racing, tell them the good stuff and direct them to a track. In the true long run, any promotion os good for the whole sport.

    To all the verbal vomit spewers: Bring it to the track. Get on the gate. Burn that energy up racing or practicing. I know, we can’t squelch freedom of speech, but at the same time, if you understand the need for “community” to build any worthwhile endeavor, well, then, use your head. If you truly want the best for BMX, then ask youself if what you are writing on this site is in line with that goal. Thats all. Yeah, we can have fun, but we gotta think first.

    For those that know me, I could keep typing, but I need to get some sleep.


    wow I really think you are a good person to have back in bmx thanks man


    Just to clarify my “get involved” ramblings, lol…
    I mean when we get together at a meeting and something doesn’t seem right STAND UP and SAY SOMETHING.

    There are 3 ways to be in this endeavor, ready?
    1. Meeting?
    Damn, I can’t make it, I wanna be there, tell me everything that’s going on, let me know where I can help. (on occasion this has been Mike, Pete, Craig….yadda yadda you guys know who you are…I get tired of typing all the time, lol)
    2. Meeting?
    Again? Come on. We just had one 2 months ago. Is this necessary? How long will this be? Also known as, I don’t really want to be there.
    3. Meeting?
    I’m there man, no matter what, I’m down with the cause. (um this one is me and since you guys know me, I don’t expect this from you guys….which I why I often refer to myself as nuts, lol)

    And for those of you concerned about this part of the site, do this….

    Log out.
    Check to see which boards you can see.
    You’ll notice a couple missing.
    When people were complaining before…I listened to an extent, you had a point and I do what I always do, try to find a compromise.

    Now go ride yo bikes or help out in some way…
    dang just do something, lol!

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