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    did everyone see the old school bmx book( hardcover) that had craig wilsons pic on the front and frank young on the back?

    i think they should make this avail to the younger riders to see it was really awesome!!

    i remember when dan started racing he was always looking for bmx books to read( he was not a fan of reading back then so we always looked for cool sports books which did the trick..lol) it was slim pickins no less having riders that you actually KNOW in the book…

    there was a bmx book about 5-8 yrs ago that had greg morgan in it but i dont know who published it.

    there should be copies of these avail to the younger set what do you think? is there a way we can get a few of these for the riders to see possibly at state championship?

    just a thought.


    I’ll see how many copies I can snag on Amazon.


    I think I have it somewere I will ask my parents to look in the attic

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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