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    Hello Friends, I’ve been getting asked about the next bmxinvasion competition but due to my injury the event will be postponed until I get back on my feet. I’ve been down for 4 weeks so far with a broken fibula and am looking forward to start promotions on the next event. I have to see the doc on monday and get the word on how the bone is healing, I’m hoping for good news. As soon as I get the cast off I’ll be giving the bmx companies a shout out for product support. I don’t care if I’m not able to ride at the event I just want to get things started not to disappoint the many supporters who are looking forward to the bmxinvasion bike battle #8 comp. The contest location is being tossed around right now many riders have been asking to change the location for the event. I’ll be looking into union ramp park in West Chester Pennsylvania which my good friend Jay Rodriguez is involved.


    personal fund raiser: parts and t shirts for sale http://www.myspace.com/aldimino check the bulletin, thanks.


    al, definitly let me know.. ill announce as always, haha


    come to jersey !!how about shields???? you always do another pa comp at jays


    definielty shields.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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