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    heres some more info for you china fans…


    arielle is posting a blog and video of the trip to china for the uci race. some of it is pretty interesting to say the least… (kind of on topic in the bs section)


    yeah i’ve been checking that out. pretty cool.

    she’s tough as nails, probablly my fav girl pro.


    fave girl pro= carley young


    didyou see that nice clean fresh air???


    who picks these places for our athletes to compete in.. olympics there next yr? you can clean up a dumpy area but the air?? i am for one disappointed in the choice when there are so many other places more suiting to the sports….

    ppl letting their kids just “go” on the street??? thats gross…and inhuman


    “go” on the street?
    Like, what do you mean?
    Do you mean whizz?
    No way, that is so nuts…

    um..pun intended?


    brett read arielles blog/ video…i think she said on the 1st day they were walking around there was this grandmother who was “marking her spot” on a tree while holding her grandaughter by the thighs( i can only imagine) who was doing the same. apparently they dont even do what we do here in usa( plastic baggy the droppings of your pet) but they do it as HUMANS.

    like i said their cleanliness/hygeine habits leave much to be desired

    the video clips are short and very interesting she is going to try to post every day. start reading its really cool. now i know 1 place i will cross off my vacation list forever….


    the toboggan ride down from the great wall of china looked pretty cool… except for the slow lady in front….haha


    I was just watching the bmx-videos.com stuff and just started thinking how cool it was that here was some young dude from China talking about casing and 50/50ing a jump and how he pulled for it and then it was like dang, that’s far away, lol.
    But having been around the sport since 1979 and remembering the early days, it’s truly amazing to think that “Red China” from when we were younguns is part of the BMX world. When you boil things down to a young guy trying to jump a 30′ set of doubles, casing and getting back up you realize that all the other stupid shit that goes on is just that.
    I predict future leaders will be ex-BMXers, lol.


    I heard somewhere that Australia is keeping their athletes out of china as long as possible due to the air and other sanitary reasons.


    The Olympics had a chance to make a statement and deny China the games until they cleaned things up. But what you are seeing in a sense is not unlike America in the early 1900s except for the pooping in the square incident. Our factories used to belch out some serious cr*p too.

    Still, in this day and age there is no excuse, absolutely none.

    I can only imagine what the world championships will be like next year. I’m gonna start training by riding behind a NJ Transit bus that desparately needs a tune-up. 😯

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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