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    i need to get some bobcat or back-hoe work done in my yard. does anyone have any hook-ups or machinery?

    i need to level an area of my yard out to build a mini half… i dont want to ghetto rig it by shimming it up and i cant put it up on concrete or pilings because it would then be considered a permanent fixture and not allowed without crazy permits and probably rejection by the town




    How far out of level are you? You could possibly use a Roto Tiller to do the job. Use it on the highest depth setting and strip only the sod off the entire area. Next drop the depth down and start cutting up the soil on the high side. Take the soil from the high side and use it as fill on the low side. You should only need to cut one half of the area and use it as fill for the low side. Somtimes you create more restoration work after using a bobcat in your yard from the tracks/tires and them tearing up the lawn. Good luck.


    Brian, I have a kid who has a backhoe, and may be able to help u. I’ll PM the number tonight


    change of plans on how to level…….

    im going to make a bowed in area with 2×6’s and fill it with stone. level it out and lay pressure treated 2×6 on the stones under the transitions.
    this way there will be less moisture directly under the ramp and less rotted wood after a few years.

    sound better?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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