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    this is something i hear when I am in the hood. (Plainfield) And it iritates the piss out of me. Yeah I joke around (TBG) BUt the fact hat “my people” are so damn ignorant kills me. Part of thisis the way bmx is marketed. It is not mainstream enough yet.

    If these kids and adults knew about terry tennette steve veltman cecil johns percy owens jeff upshaw.and those are oh yeah tommy brackens!!!!!!

    Why does it ihave to be a white boy sport. to me there are no color boundries in BMX. when we put our gear on we are all one color. wanna know some thing the brothers in the barbershop had no idea what bmx was,except for my barber(he knows how much i love bmx) Now when i go in they ask me if am racing this weekend and our state series poster hangs up in the window.

    Brett I know alot of your bikes got ripped pff and ended up in the hood. But there are alot of kids who do want to get into racing but no parental involvement and you know how that goes. My ultimate goal is to one day havea bmx track in the inner city, Yeah i know who would come? Well I would bust my ass to make it a success. The reason iam so into it now is because my dad would not take me to the track. ANd i believe GOD has given me a gift my 2 nephews are trying wheeliesand doing tricks. The one is a mini me. All he does is ride.

    back on topic. I have not givenup on my dream of a inner city track. Maybe one day i can get the plainfield city council to listen to me. Others have tried in the past,but brett and iknow the head of the dept. of rec. Dave wynn. Not the nicest guy.

    When i do cruise in the hood. I am sure to rock my state plate, and people have asked me ? ,but you know the ? they hit me with. Well Iam gonna try my best to promote bmx whenever and wherever i can, But I amgonna try a little harder in the urban areas.

    Btw when they ask me how many “brotha’s” come race. I tell em come on down and find out. —

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