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    I’m gonna start an outline here.
    Grab some ideas from the guys who have posted here and see what I can put together over this evening.
    I just love writing, lol.

    Local involvement:
    1. A video showing what to do at your first race, how motos are run and what is good and bad “sportmanship”. This video shall also include a small blurb on what a parent can do to help out their racer in case the racer is under 18. Volunteering, track prep etc.
    2. A software package that is easily understood and can be updated via the web and also sends all updates via the web.
    3. A standardized set of rules to run a state series that will award plates based on beginner, novice, expert and pro levels.
    4. The local beginner, novice, expert and pro riders shall be allowed to race in a “regional” series where novice, expert and pro riders will be plated.
    5. The novice, expert and pro riders shall be allowed to race in a national series where expert and pros are plated.
    6. A semi annual Track Directors meeting shall be conducted utilizing web conferencing. This will not be a session of self gratification but a forum where ideas both proven and new shall be tossed about.

    National Involvement:
    1. A series of 12 nationals consisting of 3 in each quarter of the country with a final held in a central location.
    2. The final will be a pro and expert only race.
    3. The national tracks shall be designed only for the national events. A pro section shall be designed for EVERY straight.
    4. A rider liason council shall be instituted that directly communicates with the pros and offers a way to get their input on what they would like to try in order to showcase their abilities best. This of course will be a 2 way street as the pros must also be willing to make themselves available to be as marketable as possible.
    5. A marketing team that will go after outside sponsors and also look into where best to advertise to attract NEW ridership.

    Ok…add to the list or change it and reword it as you all see fit.
    The little details of rules are nothing so don’t be concerned with clips, helmets, front brakes..yadda yadda….[/list]

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