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    Why ya gotta be like that Dave starting truoble and all that!!!


    State meetings, you have to attend them.
    But I will go into detail next time I see you.
    I can tell you this, the state has a surplus this year of about 2,400 bucks because of the grant The Carolan Foundation gave us.

    You have to add in the price for jerseys that get reimbursed and entrance fees that get reimbursed. Could be up to about 145 if you race 2 classes and get a jersey.
    Come on out to the next state meeting, there is a treasurer report at every one of them.

    Calling Stu or Rob a computer hack is like calling a bike mechanic a wrench monkey.
    There are trophies at state races, but you MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THEM. We have this problem today of everyone getting basically 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
    My fucking head hurts from this racing stuff.

    It would also help if we just published the minute meetings on an official NJBMX website.
    But I am tired of all this horseshit and battling with people on common sense issues.
    Someone get me an officials license and vote for me the next election.
    Good night.


    when is the next meeting ( for the 3rd time)


    Why do we need a state meeting though?
    What will get accomplished?
    What goals are laid out that we need to get done?
    Anyone have ideas?


    let’s not beat this dead horse anymore–

    i think i may have said something like this before– it’s about that time to stop talking and start doing.

    why is there no power in the tower at hc? is it something that could be remedied, or is there some kind of violation there. as a first order of buiness, i would like to see power back there if possibe. i don’t care who is announcing– they have a better view from the tower than they do from the infield.

    “ok folks, this race determins who the winner fro the pro series will be…. looks l..i..k..e….. –uh, not sure, there’s a double in the way and i can’t see”

    somebody has to know electric, if there are nolaws being broken, then lets get out there and do it.

    i dig the plates– they are alot better than years past. but i can understand wanting to know what you get in return for the $20 you spend per race. i’m sure it gets dished out to more places than we may realize.

    meeting shmeeting.. we do need one– but we only need one that will yield results.

    i gotta roll, but i’m not finished



    there may have been a prob with the monastary on sunday… i forgot all about it but there is a monastary behind the track and they dont care to have all that loud music and such on a sunday and it may have been a courtesy to them not using the music on sunday. i was told tht the days dan and gary were there, danny hooked his ipod up to the radio/speakers and someone complained about it, dont know exactly but matt eluded that the monostary wasnt happy with them.( as was the guy who lives next door)

    i guess you have to learn to live with your neighbors


    No, Scott asked me if I was gonna announce Sunday, I was sick Sat and sounded like Darth Vader, and I told him probably not, so the decision was made not to use it. However, come Sunday they may have realized even if it had been there that they may not have been able to use it. I dont’ think any thing was wrong Sat, just think there was some miscommunication. I think a person responsible for the PA announcing duties has to be delegated




    So point the speakers away from the monastery just like saturday and turn it out down just a skitch.
    Talk to the neighbors and the people at the monastery, “hi we are running some BMX races FOR THE KIDS, (everyone loves to tout that line, does anyone ever use it on anyone but me?…) we are going to have a PA system set up so everyone can hear their names, we’d love to have you come take a look if you could, it’s an excellent thing for young kids and their families”

    and Dave, yes you are paying for them to go buddy.
    You have a nice day, oh and if you volunteer at I think it’s like 3 or 4 state races you get 50 dollars in travel money back. Course who would know that since it isn’t really posted anywhere.

    Excuses are the monuments of nothingness.


    i was told we have to keep a “low profile”( with the county encroaching and the guy next door and the monastary) i know years ago they had trouble but just assumed it was resolved. as you can see the county is just waiting to take over that land as they move in closer and closer each year. andy had a hard time getting permission to just park his trailer there on the blacktop( accd to matt who had a meeting w/the county before the race) there is more to flem than meets the eye. we stayed after the race for a meeting and made some suggestions and apparently improvements come slow or not at all for this same reason.(long story short trying to keep “under the radar”) matt explained it but i really dont understand it all 100%. to me promotion and communication are key but some are happy and very satisfied with status quo. im sure they have their reasons.


    For the record, the grant money is allocated. There is no surplus. It may be that not all of the prouducts have ben purchased. But lets be very clear, all the money from the grant has a purpose,and all the money will be spent by December 31 2007.



    Rich, once gain is right. I am going on the assumption that since the state now has the money from the grant that is allocated to certain areas, it now has surplus money that would have been used to cover items that the grant is now funding, such as the year end awards.
    Sorta like this, let’s say the state allocated 1,600 from their budget for awards, the grant now covers those awards, well now the state has that 1,600 to use elsewhere.
    Normally you would attempt to grow the program i.e. business with it, but who knows.
    Dave, what’s with deleting the question? There is nothing wrong with asking questions.


    Dave starting stuff, and wolking whats with that???? Hey if you buy something and they bring you out a cheaper model, aren’t you going to stick to your guns?


    “under the radar”, smacks of the “don’t want to raise a red flag to the irs” comment that I have heard bandied about as well.
    Trying to make BMX bigger and better will not be accomplished by keeping us “under the radar”. In fact that is an insult to everyone who busts their azz to make a track a better facility and to people like Rich who donate money to make things bigger and better.
    Hate me all you like, but it is now painfully apparent that more new HIGH PROFILE tracks are needed in NJ.
    Like WTF? Was Dan there for a whole week sweating to make HC as small as it can be? Can someone explain this?….Nope, no, wait, there’s no excuses again.

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