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    It’s out, and there are 6 east coast locations listed and if you wanna go west include Rockford to that


    what is the pro class like in aba? is it the same as nbl? do they have a and aa pro?( i mean superclass/ a pro) do they still have money opens like the ones the nbl just got rid of?

    can someone explain all this and qualifications? thanks…


    I think im gonna get me an ABA license and hit that York National next May/June just for the heck of it….see how things are done on the “other side”

    By that time hopefully i can use the license for a track here in NJ —


    its awesome that all the aba nationals that are close to us.. arent pro events, haha

    and that the grands are in nov.. and the 1st nat back is in jan.. aba gives a month off.. nbl jumps right back in 2 weeks after the grands

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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