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    I have the Super BMX issue in my hands that covered the 1982 WWBMXA Spring National at Vernon Valley, NJ. The Race didnt have alot of big names and no Pro class, but it did have 300 riders. The most famous rider was 1981 WWBMXA National Number 1 – Ken Aman (Mongoose). Other notable rider was Jud Ciancio.

    Riders in this photo from the magazine
    #44 Al Nowak
    #34G Michael Nathanson (4th 12-13 Open)
    #9 Chris Hayden
    #34 Joeseph Niland
    #137 Ron Crochetiere

    This is a photo of 12-13 Open. Jud Ciancio not in the photo, won the class.


    Yep, thats my little bro


    Jersey history in your face.
    See the MUD on the tires kids?


    yeah that is rad.. now if they feel one drop the race is called off.. that sux doesnt it


    I remember that race and the mud. The track sucked and was built at the base of the ski slope. It was slightly downhill and some of the younger kids had to get of and push their bikes because of the mud.

    I think I got third there behing Jud despite badly bruised legs from a crazy latenight ride on a nearby golf course the night before.

    More pics here:



    ahhh mud…good ol’ mud.

    I haven’t raced a good mud race since I turned 17. It was a national at York, PA in 1984. It didn’t matter how you came out of the gate cause you went downhill to the first turn and just slid through it as best as you could. Alot of 8th to 1st passing going on that day. The main was nuts. I just remember afterwards my grandfather rushing me to hose down the bike so we could hit the road and get out of there. I was like “aw gee Gramps, I want to ride some more!”

    A few years later me and the ‘Crew hit a triple pointer at the new Columbia track, 88 or 89, and I recall the track was total slop, so we raced on the grass parking area. What a mess. Uphill on wet muddy grass. But the race still counted.

    See kiddies, we didn’t care what we raced on, we just wanted to race and have fun.

    Nice pics Eric & Brad – keep ’em coming!


    yes,, bmx suks now


    I thought you said BMX rules?


    ok.. bmx in general rules.. bmx racing sux


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    brett.. this weekend coming up.. bmx will f’n rule.. BIG time


    That was my first race. 11 Beg class on my Fuji…..Made the main and took 3rd. That set the hook.


    Was it the 84 or 85 Ironman that was a mudfest in the motos and then dried out for the mains??? I remeber coming out of the last berm and getting off the bike and running it to the finish…


    11 Novice Class results
    1. Todd Reynolds
    2. Colin Doonan
    3. Ken Martin
    4. John Ferguson

    14 & Under Cruiser
    1. Nick Gregory
    2. Jud Ciancio
    3. Brad Dalbec (Thruster)
    4. Ron Affito

    In case the captions are messed up.
    Top photo is the 15-26 Cruisr Class. #1 is Factory Mongoose star Ken Aman from New York.
    Left Photo is 16X. In first is Art Peterson #3. Behind him you can spot the Scavones bike shop banner. #21 is Ted Danilchick.
    Right Photo is 8-9 Novices Tom Swierkochi pushing thru the hay used to help dry out the track.


    That’s me right under the Scorpion sign in the opne face, looking confused. I made into the magizine at first race…..or something like that…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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