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    that would make BMX more exciting for them.


    everyone should where power ranger suits instead of leathers


    Thats all I got from a 4 year old


    More amature opens with prizes she got a little tight when she couldnt race the hyper series.


    What kinds of prizes?
    I can find places in the budget next year to help pay for prizes.
    But then again, I found places this year.
    9 & Under

    I want to know more about how these young kids would like it run.
    It needs to be fun and I know kids know how to have fun.


    BIKE PARTS, gift certificates, my autograph


    everyone should where power ranger suits instead of leathers

    you guys know my stand on leathers– but i bite the bullet and wear them for the sake of the team–

    but the guys at work make fun of me and tell me that i look like a power ranger.

    back to the point— i like the idea of younger opens with prizes—



    prizes are a great idea…something generic that any rider of any age/ size can use… hmmmm

    …gift certificate for free state race entry fee
    ….njbmx bucks of some sort use for entry fee or at andys or any bikeshop/ state series sponsor’s shop
    …cool tshirts signed by pros ( someone was going to look into this last yr)i volunteered to take it with us to get as many signatures at nationals..maybe each tracks tshirt can get signatures and use it as a prize for their state race open
    …itunes gift cards
    …gas cards for the parents….haha


    9 out of 10 isnt a bad start.. here ya go..i asked danny he said to type it exactly as he wrote it..sorry if some get offended….

    1- if you practice you must race ( delizia, sullivan,snyder, moore that means you)

    2-people from all tracks work on each track to make em better ( not just howell ppl work on cj, or flem locals only work on flem. get input from all state riders to make each track better)

    3- more amature opens

    4-better raffle prizes

    5-more old school races

    6-have more input from riders about changing jumps

    7- officials should know older riders opinions b4 they change the track

    8- more creative opens

    9- announcers who actually know the kids that race

    10- tba


    more old school races

    OH hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If we did an old school race ANT DOG would race 2 classes. Yeah the amtrac would see daylight alot more.


    Looks like Dan has hit it out of the box.
    Sounds like everything that all of us keep saying.
    Strange how all of us riders keep saying the same thing.
    Keys… who wants to take a drive?


    Here ya go, straight from my 11 year old!!! unedited, uninfluenced!!! 😀 😀

    BMX would be a lot better, if…

    1. The person in each state who gets the most points in the whole year gets to have a full eight person race with whoever they want to race with.

    2. Everyone should be allowed to turn pro if they have enough move-up points. (No minimum age)

    3. People who don’t make there first qualifier, they could have a race with other racers who didn’t qualify. (a last chance qualifier)

    4. National races were televised every moto.

    5. Every BMX team had a reserved spot at there home track.

    6. They had pit bike races every week.

    7. Anyone can race in pro-open.

    8. Every BMX rider had there own cards, with stats on the back.

    9. There was an escalator to the starting gate so you don’t have to push your bikes.

    10. You could just put a ramp in front of the finish line and a pool behind it to jump into the pool with your bike on a really hot day.


    #10 is the coolest idea i have ever heard!!!


    i know nothing about racing.
    but i think its cool that you give prizes away and everything, but however, i think its wrong to give the littler guys huge trophys.
    because then they are going to want one every time they race.
    right rodney?

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