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sorry i didnt mean to bring up anything negative… its just that if it is a state race why not use the announcing equip for the whole race?(all motos) just a thought. you can still showcase pro am with the music and pause with announcing of the “whos on the gate” and make it exciting (exp if we have caveman…lol) i think that 90% of the people/ parents/ riders really like it and love how it showcases the races so why not make the whole race more exciting not just the pro am?

not to take away from the pro am but i really like that announcing system and i think if you did a poll you will find many other parents do as well.

its just that i didnt understand if it was to be used exclusively for the pro am? was that the intention in the beginning? now that the bugs ( if any) are worked out it can only make the races better( from a spectators standpoint)