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I just noticed what rich said about the cost of the 16& over open. Ok the 15& under crowd that race will be most likly racing class as well, so thats no prob. Now the part that has me thinking is the reason why th epro open cost as much as it does. Since these riders are under 16 they can not technically accept money. So with that beeing said the cost to do the race could be lowered to $15 maybe even $10. With it beeing at that cost there should be no reason for a good turn out. Then just have year end awards for the top riders in the class and maybe gift certificates or savings bonds. As for the race awards they can be medals or somthing. medals are cheap enough.
This is a chance to try and bring back the excitment that is no longer there for the little kids. When you go to a big race the younger croud doesnt only look up to pros but somtimes even kids that are their age as well. Why no matter what you do does it have to depend on your age. What happened to the sport beeing about the kids.