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I remember back a few years ago for one year nj did pay for your hotel/jersey and entry fee. I noticed a decent amount of sponsors on the jerseys. If you dont mind me asking does anyone know what it takes to be on the jersey as a sponsor. I am just woundering becuase that is always beeing brought up by the state about how much they cost. Back at the beggining of the year I wanted to look into beeing a sponsor and I was shot down.
Anyway after going to this race for like 6 yrs in a row now we look forward to this race more than any other race. Even though NJ never really supports each other at this race you still feel the excitment of all the other teams and a constant cheer from all over the arena. I would like to thank the matos family for their constant cheer and letting everyone in the hole area that there was a nj rider on the track through out the entire 3 day event.
It was a long weekend so I dont really remember everyones finishes. It was written down but its now lost. sorry
victor got:
1,1,1 QT 1 semi, 3rd 4th in main
1,1,1 4th in semi 6th in main
I got
4,4,4, 6th in semi
day 1
1,1,1 2nd qt 3rd semi and 5th in main
1,1,2 and 5th in semi
I got
2,2,6 and 3rd in main
shan swenson got
1,1,1 1st in main

day 2
1,1,2 2 in qt 5th in semi
3,2,2 5th in semi
I got
3,4,4 4th in main
1,1,1, 1st in main.

Even though victor wasnt able to hold it up in the main events everyone was still really proud of him and avent showed they had his back by offering him a full factory offer for the 2008-2009 seasons. Many people got to see his ne avent tr7 frame which will not even be available for another few weeks and everyone had comments. Only one other rider has one that races the nbl and thats their factory aba rider who races nbl and aba.
Dave im sorry it looks like im ditching my s-n-m .38 special. They offered me a big bro discount on the frame and I can’t turn it down. Looks like im going back to alum.