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I am not looking to debate anything and not looking for a response.

It makes sense to me that the people who are currently running things @ HCBMX in fact DO stay on in their current roles even though others have been nominated.

Reason ?

Most businesses would not get rid of their upper management in one fell swoop to be replaced by people who may have an idea of how to run things but have never actually “run the show”

There needs to be a transition of sorts IMHO.

If people have chosen to stay on for one more year as a transition then so be it.

(the matter of elections and the process of them i cannot comment on since i do not know enough about that particular subject at the moment)

To me, by individuals choosing to stay in order to show others the ropes that are getting more involved says to me the current people do in fact care and want to see the track continue.

I am not taking “sides” with anyone or anything. i am simply stating what i feel to be the correct way for proceeding where the riders are least effected.