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private or public ..should all be accurate information

when you tell me the board is staying on and says no elections then come on here and say elections at a later date… duh? people were formally nominated at a nominating meeting at the track. these nominations were supposed to be voted on and that never happened.

so now when you tell me the board members are not holding elections and have decided to stay on for another year i am not supposed to tell the people who we nominated that this has occured? people who accept a nomination have intentions of volunteering and if the board had any decency they would FORMALLY contact those who were nominated and tell them PERSONALLY what is going on with the elections. it shouldnt be a guessing game.

sorry i dont think that is right. i nomiated someone at the meeting so yes i have an interest in what happens, along with others who came to these meetings.

why didnt you just post here what you sent me? i cant see a reason why if its all true. maybe the board should just post on there themselves then there will be no miscommunication in the future.