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my hdd camcorder takes pics great as long as your not moving too fast.. the sony that i was talking about had no blur for the still shots. as you watch the video you just pause wherever you wanted to take the pic and then capture so i though it was good. i only saw a few pics that a friend of mine took he liked it.. then they discontinued it i dont know why. he said it was so nice to only cart around one camera and even used it for soccer ( lots of movement/ running etc) as well as wrestling matches.

so i guess if you dont want to spend a fortune your stuck! im sure theres a point and shoot out there what about the ones you put a memory stick into? anyone use them? i heard they are alot more convenient space wise.

appreciate any info on who has what and what you dont like also…(ones to avoid) i had an olympus that was horrible and it took almost a min betw flashes to recycle…plus i would go thru batteries like crazy( even tried rechargables)