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OK here goes, I think all of you kinda missed the point, and no this isn’t pot shots at anyone. Like I said “anyone wonder why”, well not because riders took over, but what is missing that seems to still be in just plain frestyle and riding, is FUN!!!!

To some degree I think Brett and Ant are right, riders need some more say, but Mac is right, having riders run things isn’t the answer either.

The answer is make it fun, and have a good product (track, sanction), I think if you got a businessman who could market the fun factor of racing, it would be huge. Remeber, the people that really got the sanctions and tracks going in the beginning weren’t all riders, they were riders parents, bike shop owners and firemen (Bob Osbourne), what did they know about BMX then, nothing!!! But they knew that their kids were having fun and others saw it, and it grew!!

At Howell last week I had a blast, I want to go back, why FUN!!

All of you think about that, cause that IS what the riders want.