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Thanks Ant. Once again you show what you are all about. You take a 5 minute conversation and all you heard was 1/2 of 1 sentence. If you bothered to listen, you would have heard what I was really speaking about, but you don’t care. You got enough to make as comment and thats all you needed. I can be called a lot of things but ignorant is not one of them.

now, the truth.

What I was actually saying was that:
1. You cannot have kids having a say in most of what we talk about HERE. they are kids and they only think in the moment. If you ask my kid, he would tell you to get rid of all of the easy jumps and make it more like dirt jumping. Since the VAST majority of riders are young, they MUST be left out of any decision process . The other reason is one you all say is the problem, parents. Tell me most parents wouldn’t over ride their kids . So you have more parent involvement, not less.

2. There aren’t many examples of a sport that is run by CURRENT participants that has any credability. DO current NFL players make policy on how the league is run? NO. How about baseball? No. There arent many, if any. so tell me why this sort of management model, which doesn’t work fior any other sport, would work here?

Now, anyone who has read anything I have written knows that I think there are changes that need to be made in the sport (as a whole not piecemeal). Ant, in this situation you have become what you rant against. Someone you doen’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fall in line with what you think is the right way and just call names instead of listening and possibly learning.

You can’t use freestyle as an example of success anymore, there is no comparason. Locally, there is no established “league”. If there was, be assured, it would be run by the parents and volounteers, just like racing. So if you want it to be JUST LIKE FREESTYLE then you need to eradicate the local proigrams and just have 6-10 national events for “pros” only. That won’t work because, as you all like to say, without building the local program, racing will fail. Like it or not bmx racing has more in common ,by how it’s run, with little league baseball, and youth soccer programs than it does with freestyle bmx.

Ant, next time just a few questions first,instead of calling me ignorant and turning it into a argument.
wrong – maybe
ignorant – I don’t think so