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ant like what would you like to see??

here are some ideas… see what you think…

a short video ( history of bmx/ current bmx highlighting nj??) showing kids of a certain target age( like the ages the book is geared for)…plus showing older and younger riders, moms and dads racing too….(family aspect)

flyers to give out( track info) maybe a free race coupon or two? stickers?

a few racers old and young to speak to the school kids…..who would tell how they got started/ how they race now/ …who would be available for questions and answers afterwards…

info on the initiation of bmx into the 08 olympics and the 2010 youth olympic games…..

some big a** trophies of course.. to show off…lol

maybe have a local pro to sign some books…..

any other ideas to add??? how long would it be? when would it occur during what class? would it be during the day like during a health class or gym class?? or after school???