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“So lets here how it went”

Well, Jeff Heath and myself usually wind up having to race each other every week because there is no one else in those classes, except for yesterday. he and i both had classes.

As his 3rd moto is on the gate, he just kinda says out loud, why dosent moto 19 get on with us, then you hear some people say yeah, let them, then we all just grab a spot on the gate, asked the scorers if its ok (they said ok) then we went at it

Bill, im sure you know what im saying when your out there and just have “that feeling” like someone is next to you ? i didnt get that feeling to my inside which is why i started to move over…sorry bout that.

After that it was kind of a blur for me. 🙂

oh, i do remember Dale making fun of me because i got beat by a 46 year old…