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I understand that this is an appointed position, but can this position be offered to other candidates?


What are the qualifications that will allow others to be considered for this position?

As stated by yourself, good customer service skills and since the clerk of course position at this moment also entails doing the point standings, a knowledge of how to operate a computer and ability to easily learn a points program.

If there are other interested candidates in NJ, will they be given the opportunity to be considered?

I don’t see why not. They should be at the December meeting and speak up.

Why is the position only given to one person and not offered to all interested applicants?

It’s actually two positions according to the by-laws, a clerk of course repsonsible for registrations and a points keeper. No one has said they were interested before I would assume, so that is why it was not offered.

This apparently is a paid position from what I have heard, therefore candidates should be interviewed and have “Excellent Customer Service” skills.

Sounds intelligent.

If there is any interested person who would like to be considered for this position they should be able to submit a letter of intent.

So while I’m writing proposals I take it other’s are writing letters of intent…
Also there is no stipulation in the by-laws for where you live or officials licenses for those 2 positions. I would assume a willingness to learn would be the prerequisite.