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Ya know.
I just re-read all my posts.
At no point did I say, flemington sucked (someone else did though…)
Nor did I say no-one is busting their ass to work on it.
In fact I pointed out that all you guys are busting your asses to work on it, before Tom even did.

Could HC have had a complete rebuild.
Did they accept the offer.
So I have been trying to make it clear that when people say “no one wants to help work on the track”, that is not entirely the truth.
You had
1. A benefactor willing to fork out cash to completely rebuild it.
2. Some hard working BMX maniacs, (sorry Tom but that is you and the fellers) who would have helped get the job done.

Why #1 didn’t come to fruition is beyond me as I have met and personally spoken to Rich on many occasions and he seems like a decent guy.