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Rich Carolan offered to front the whole cost of redoing Flemington.

So if riders don’t want to take care of the track.
and parents don’t want to take care of the track.
Maybe it’s time for a new group of people to start a track where there are people who can take care of it.
That’s my point of this whole thing.

How the heck did BMX racing get so broken in this state?
Wait, LMAO.
After being at that state meeting where all kinds of new good ideas were being generated and promptly shut down by a few vocal people, where people were more concerned with who was taking who’s riders then they were thinking about how to generate interest to get new riders, where a fantastic track run by enthusiastic people was given the freaking third degree by a few people, where me and my g-f were verbally assaulted.
I think I know what the heck happened to BMX in this state.

Why do all the kids who start racing quit and start freestyling…
I believe I have found many answers in my quest.

In my opinion, HC could have had a total rebuild thanks to Rich, which would have taken some of the heat off the few volunteers busting their ass to keep it up. But instead, and again this is my opinion, he was blown off for whatever reason, and after my lambasting in January, I think I know why. Rich is a decent guy who wanted to help and boom, shut down. Not everyone is Brett Middaugh who will continue to take shit and be a martyr for BMX, most people will just say f-you, have a good life.
I have talked with everyone involved in BMX racing in NJ.
Who’s doing it right?
Overall TPBMX (they got the 501c3 going strong but CJ still gets more motos, I see a potential for strong growth there at TP)
Everyone else better start asking Glen, Scott, Vinny, Resz, Lisa and the rest of those BMX racing yahoos what they are doing.
CJ’s regional was just shy of the East Coast National and right with the CT Nats last weekend, and it was by far the biggest regional in the country. Why? Does everyone think I am in love with CJ so much? Nah folks, somebody is doing it right and it makes sense to get behind them and push harder.
Why are egos so damn big in BMX that people won’t say, hey Vanuch, what the hell are you doing out there with Resz and the gang that is making a difference.
Damn people, why do freestylers just do stuff and racers go on and on about changing things but then don’t.

(um disclaimer this rant was not directed at Debbie but just a ventilation of things that have been bugging me, thanks all)