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i just dont want to hear ppl bi*ch and moan on this weekend when the track isnt smooth as glass, too many rocks, yada yada…blah blah blah..when everyone stays in their little comfy cacoon and dosnt go out and help other tracks then dont complain if its not up to your standards…

in the past few yrs i have seen a few well intentioned older riders come and go with big plans and ideas that never seem to materialize. all offering to “take over” the track and start something new…well where are they today? for whatever reason they come and go… everyone has stuff in their life to do and we are all busy, but excuses are like you know what….

i dont know where they got 20K i can tell you i doubt very much eht or hc has that kind of cash in the bank… maybe they do who knows….i doubt each has the $$ to lay out for a total track redo. what i am talking about is free.. manpower dosnt cost much just time and sweat. but you cant have 1-2 men doing it all. before the cj redo how many dads/ riders were there grooming /maintaning the track on a weekly basis?

howell must have ppl who live pretty close who work on the track regularly. thats the key esp with gas prices nowadays.

back 8-10 yrs ago it was jim mulhern and his boys and sig and chris klamka who used to be at flem religiously ( after steve bevins passed) twice a week to make sure that the surface was smooth, the weeds were gone and the grass was cut. neither of them are active anymore and no one has taken over to the extent that they have but not for lack of trying. riders have been put in charge of that and dont show up, for whatever reason. they have been given free races, even being pd for it, but no riders want to commit on a weekly basis. but it cant be done by 1-2 people
i dont know what the answer is but boycotting a track is not the answer.