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I will leave this off topic part of the post with this.

CJBMX amassed over 20g in the bank to pay for all the things it has made come true over these past couple years, and CJ has not even been in continous operation, it had to close in 1987 and reopened in about 1992.

Now EHT and HC have been in continous operation since 1981-82.
So I would assume that these tracks must have even more money accumulated than CJ has. So why doesn’t every track in NJ have a massive facelift like CJ.
Just for the record, the makeover took Tom Ritz on his machine, Scott on an earthmover and about 5 or 6 active volunteers. I say active because there was a lot of people there during the makeover but about 5 or 6 guys at a time doing stuff. um…no point in getting run over by a tractor, lol. So no it doesn’t take 50 volunteers to redo the track.
Oh and before I came along why wasn’t anyone in the state out actively pursuing donations to their 501c3 charitable organization?

Why, why, why.
A few people in BMX racing in NJ really get aggravated with me, but ya know what, isn’t the statement I just made one that makes sense to anyone on this board?

I want Tommydone, Chris and Dave to jumpstart something, dammit I want some racer in this freaking state to start something someplace so we can finally push this thing forward.
Dammit start being BMX racers and frigging lead, isn’t that what this racing thing is all about trying to take the lead and running with it?
I can tell you what freestyle is all about.
Has racing progressed in NJ in the last 6 years?