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Wow, a philosophical discussion, I like this.
If no one came to the forum section, I would still do this for myself, because I love BMX to the point where I am nuts enough to just run around and take pictures and write stories as part of my way of contributing. (I say part because no one should ever be afraid to yell at me to grab a broom or shovel when I am talking too much, lol). The forums were actually an afterthought, that everyone seemed to enjoy.
If I stopped covering races, told people who wanted to contribute to the site, “what do you know about BMX”, or showed a level of immediate distrust”, this place would collapse. Instead everyone who comes on here who shows that crazy love for BMX gets a place to hang and laugh with their buddies off the track. Some people come, others leave, but content on the front gets updated, controversies get started and fun ensues.

What I am trying to say in as nice a way as possible is that sometimes things have to change in a dramatic way. If a track loses ridership or for that matter an entire sport, then there is a reason or reasons for this happening. Sometimes it takes an extreme event such as tracks closing because people lose enthusiasm or whatever the reason to allow new people the chance to go out and try to have a go at running a track.

NJBMX made 10,000 flyers for 4 tracks in the state.
NJBMX made 400 posters for 4 tracks in the state.
One track in Ct alone passes out 35,000 flyers.
And you all know what I went through just to get 10,000 flyers made.
If local kids truly want a BMX track, they will make it happen.
If guys like Dave and Chris were to somehow build a new track, I believe they would kill themselves telling everyone in 75 miles about it and treat every new kid or potential kid with the spark of enthusiasm they had when they first started.
THAT is what is needed.

I already talked about SC putting up the sign on Rte 9.
Do you know that when I was at HC last year for the state race there was not even a sign out in front of the library stating that the race was going on?
It’s funny I completely understand what you are saying but new tracks need to pop up in areas where people want them and will push them to new heights.