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but dont you agree that if no one came to the website and there were no conversations going on that that “apathy” would cause the shut down of this site?

its the people that make the website more so than the person who made it. its the people that keep coming back to whatever( website track etc) that make it successful.

if there are no volunteers or a limited amt of them then the ones who are there get burnt out and eventually themselves stop coming.

so in fact you are agreeing with the board when they say that each track is in fact its own business and only ressponsible for itself? not to help out each others track is nonproductive in this sport.

in ct they all helped out last weekend for the race. they even opened the local on sunday an hr later to help accomodate the riders coming from the national. so do yo think they should have said oh screw you we are running our local at 1pm regardless? then lose the volunteers who helped out there also?

so what do the riders do when their local track becomes unsuccessful? and possibly shuts down?esp when they are mostly rookies, i would bet they play baseball, etc rather than drive 2 hrs to eht or howell. there goes more riders…