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Howell survives and is apparently doing well because it has a scene.
Which is only gonna grow now that the people who have the bike shop are actively involved in BMX.
Some of you may notice the CJBMX sign underneath the SC Action Sports sign now.
Right on Rte 9 in Howell.
But, if everyone went their way in Howell, then that would be the end of it.
I don’t see that happening though.

The sport of BMX racing on a whole needs a refreshing of life. If those who are currently in charge of whatever tracks cannot get enough people to them and they are unable to continue then they will shut down.
Does it suck.
But sometimes things like that happen for a reason.

Apathy would actually be the people who would be currently in charge of something letting it become rundown.

I am in charge of this website, (and actually the more I look at this websites interface the more I want to change it, lol)
It’s up to me to be sure it doesn’t get “rundown”.
The people in charge of their tracks have the same responsibility.
You want volunteers, then you must treat people as though they are welcome and wanted.