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My son is 6 and yes, I did buy him a complete team uniform even though he doesn’t race. Hindsight 20/20, I should have said if you want the uniform, you have to earn it, but then again, the team is a family effort, and it makes him feel good being a part of it.

Still, he gets up and practices at every race he goes to with me. He just needs to learn how to ride standing up. He is finally doing it at home on the street, and even has learned to ride off low curbs without falling. But, I have never told him he has to race. He is a little scared because he has seen daddy fall and he has, too.

That said, this year he played TBall, and I was his manager. He had a lot of fun. My wife has been dancing since she was three, so she put him in dance school and he liked that too. I think we all agree that you need to let your kids try different things, and if it keeps them off the couch, its a good thing.