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ridin low is partially correct– i’m at the track every morning before work– and last thursday, i was sitting there looking around– and i said to myself–“man, the tracks in bad shape”– the next morning i came with my weedwaker and some weed killer–i wasn’t going to ask anyone if it was ok to do it, i enjoy the track, and want to help, so i was going to do it. but when i got there, everything was already taken care of– problem was solved– it may have taken them a little longer than some people would have liked– but it was done.

as far as the trash– i pick up trash there everyday, and every day i show up in the morning to more trash. with all the locals kids, plus hockey, baseball, and thugs in general, good luck keeping the trash gone for long.

ridin low obviouslly has some issues with EHT. if you go back through his posts, it seams he only comes here to start shit. maybe someone can talk him into actually trying to help the cause rather than sit back and bitch about it.

feel free to PM me if you wanna get anything off your chest ridinlow— i’m here to help.

dave pawlowski