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For the record,yes I do love BMX. However,some things must be said. 1.,and this is in no particular order, BMX should be the launch pad into road and track cycling. I can tell you that if I had somebody to tell me that I would have moved on long ago. Why? the road and track gives the rider way more options. Second, BMX is just not taken seriously in the cycling world. I am sorry to say that ,but its true. 2. Clipping in is just a reality in BMX. Like it of not, if you want to win, you got to do it. 3. Road and track cycling everybody is clipped in, its a must. Kids need to learn how to use them. BMX can therefore give them the bike handling skills required for the road and track. 4. In New Jersey right now there are some really talented riders. Both in the expert, and novice classes. These riders need people to tell them like it is. If these guys want to compete on a national level, they got to here the truth. They need to be exposed to riders who have ben there and can help them. 5. Some people should just never speek. Not on the internet, not to the kids, never, for any reason.