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wow, personal attacks, are you sure you’re not adam? I cant have an opinion yet, but i don’t know who you are so i can’t make a personal attack on you. people all seem to disagree with your attack, maybe you need to reassess your opinion. Let’s recap exactly what the differences are.

last year – cancelled races because of heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– no advance notice for such cancellations.
– no rescheduling of cancelled races.
– chasing kid off the track at the national – with a bat-
– closing the track so work could be done on the track the thursday before the national – now this needs an explanation. My son was cleared to race on the thursday before the nat’l so i called the track – no update, then i checked the website – no update. after travelling 2 1/2 hrs to get a little riding, we were told no. Mr. behm implored them to allow him just a few minutes, again the answer was no.
– no update on neither their website nor the track phone.

now this year – rescheduled races for cancelled ones
– redesigned track(no small feat)
– redesigned website
– much more hospitable towards riders and families
– no yelling and screaming after the national at a track meeting – while there were riders and families all around

gee i don’t know, on one hand they didn’t give more that a day or two notice to add a race or all of the preceeding….. maybe it’s just me.