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maybe when the regionals are run by the local tracks they can decide to change or tweak the sunday schedule… i know its a little last minute but i dont see anyone having a complaint about starting a couple of hrs later to get the kids some practice or sleep in time whichever they prefer… the nbl has nothing to do with the running of that weekend so why not? if lisa wants to sell some more taylor ham and eggs to the moms and dads and jr wants to get some practice time in why not? i dont see any negative about it….. its not like ppl will be in a hurry to leave no one is going to come to howell for a regional from ohio or tennessee??

can anyone find a neg to this scenerio?

comp congress is not till next yr we are talking about 2 weeks from now. what a pain to have to drive an hr to race and be done in an hr( and not get any practice to boot…) you barely have time to get the crap out of the car and set up your chairs and its over..i say take your time relax let the riders enjoy the new track for a change..

but what the hell do i know im only a mom i dont race… Hmmm