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State Qualifier,
I’ll be back in Sept….

I really only knows what goes on at CJ, as I am there weekly for their races, but it would be cool to see some shots from other tracks and their local races on here.
I mean I dunno, if we get 10 people that say, hey I wanna help at CJ, we put those 10 people to work, (seems more and more people want to help too, which is cool.) I just don’t understand if 10-15 people walked up to Chris and said I wanna do this this and this, I can’t see why he wouldn’t say, go for it man.
I’m lost really.
If you’re saying that Chris should be out there mowing the grass weekly, fixing every jump, soiltacking, building announcer towers or starting gates, I mean, jeesh that’s a lot. I wouldn’t expect that from anyone.
Have you walked up to Chris and volunteered your time?
I’m just curious, I’m pretty sure he will come on here at some point and say something… I mean he did when the guys helped with gate practice.