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NJ BMX Inc. would like to respectfully submit a request to the The Tina and Richard V Carolan Foundation Inc. for the amount of $5,000 dollars to be used for the purpose of equipment, promotional and award material. Our organization works closely with the youth of New Jersey through our BMX racing program.

The grant shall be used in the following areas to enhance our program:

*$1,400.00 for a portable public address system to be used during our state races and other large races and events we hold throughout the year.

*$***.00 for promotional material consisting of store posters, flyers, and bicycle hangers, to be used to draw more people to our program.

*$****.00 to be used for trophies, jackets and gear bags for our state awards program.
(Please see the enclosed cost estimates from the companies we will be dealing with.)

As stated above the money will be used to enhance and promote our state program with the hope of attracting more people to racing BMX in NJ.

NJ BMX Inc. was founded in 1981 to foster the promotion and growth of BMX racing in New Jersey through the cooperation of BMX tracks in the state. Our organization uses all money generated by the program to further enhance BMX racing in NJ.

NJ BMX looks forward to working with The Tina and Richard V Carolan Foundation Inc. to foster BMX racing in the Garden State.