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just spoke to bt about this… ok here we go…

the usac national championship in michigan will take the 8 riders who make the main..

then they will take your top 3 uci race finish points ( will be posted as they go on the uci website). if for some reason the person who just say gets 1st in the main at waterford oaks just happens to be capped in points then they will go to the next highest person in points…and so on..

there will be no other class for challenge at the uci races..only for jr men and elite men. whatever your age class is for the national thats the uci age class. you will get points for the national as well as uci points for the same race.

the uci picked the races not the nbl.( i was curious why they were not back to back on the same weekend) he said the uci wanted 1 day from each weekend.