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I like the idea of having the state qualifiers spread out instead of double header weekends. If you really put some thought into this, we can make it work.

Also, I am in favor of pushing back the state championships. I remember being at the Grands talking with folks and they could not believe we already had our State Championship race in AUGUST?????

If we can have a Fall Classic, Vet Day race and Ironman late in the season, why cant our state champ race be in October? It will give more people a chance to get 10 good locals in as per the rules, and make it easier to spread out the qualifiers, thus giving more people the opportunity to make it to every track at least once, maybe twice. Personally, I prefer having every state qualifier on a Saturday, and by spreading them out, you can accomodate that. This way CJ doesn’t have to shut down on Sundays for the other qualifiers, EHT can promote an extra Saturday night race for after both Saturday qualifiers at CJ and maybe Pottstown could promote a Saturday night race after Flemington’s two Saturday qualifiers and vice versa, etc. Make friggin EVENTS out of them, tie them together, cross promote, come on!!!!!

I remember Lake Melody BMX made it a point to talk it up at Braddock so we would all go there for a late afternoon race after Braddock in the AM. Or you’d go to Clayton after Deptford. You made a friggin DAY of it, and had a blast!