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(and make sure you read this with my usual, laughing, smiling, joking face and demeanor, lol!)
When there are several people who are qualified but do not meet the criteria, the criteria that is needed being ~nbl official for two years~ maybe the criteria should be changed. I would have to say there were at least 3 other men in that room qualified to be asst state commisioner but haven’t been been holding an “officials” license for two years.
It’s sort of a bummer when you see people with so much enthusiasm just left to the way side…
And I’m not sitting here saying someone is a bad person or anything, I’m just saying people that are AMPED UP on this thing should be sitting in a position to get things moving, otherwise you get stagnation.
Do you sorta know where I’m coming from?
There were people sitting in that room that had over 20 years of BMX experience and it sorta hurts to do that…
Shouldn’t the people in charge be people who communicate well…
with everyone?
I’m hoping you realize I’m not trying to come off as a d**k…