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Put bringing in new riders and their families(volounteers) aside for a second. We all know that the sport needs more riders.

There is a way to get more volounteers for locals when there is a need. The officials need to go to the parents, face-to-face and tell them to volounteer. Now I dont mean be nasty or anything but, asking for volounteers over the loud speaker or by e-mail doesnt work. The parents that would respond that way, already have. If track officials go directly to parents with, for example, the clipboard for being a corner marshall, and say something like,”we cant race without YOU” it would be hard to refuse. Do that every week until they get the point. Most people need to be asked in order to volounteer. I know that because I am like that. I also know that there are plenty of parents around to make sure the track can be open when there is a nat around. The track really needs to be open.

I think that you can separate the two problems. Make them smaller ones and fix what can be fixed the quickest and move to the next one. If the tracks can be kept open for more races then we can bring more kids in.

I know, I know, the most important problem is the rider count for locals. That does not preclude fixing something else.