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sorry dave i didnt mean greed in ref to you i meant in the whole entry fee thing… i know you dont get anything in fact you are putting in to it..time is money and i am sure all the riders appreciate you putting this together..

i dont know what ct does for the end of yr championship we only pd $10 when we did the warrior races…but then again they ONLY pay out to top3.. which is another option but i think that would discourage riders and i saw them sit if they didnt make top 3 in the last straight no “fighting for spots till the end” which is more exciting i think… to each his own i guess..

maybe whoever sponsors it could put aside a certain amt for the end and maybe make the races $20 with $5 of that going toward the end? i dont know its a good place to ask right here for sure… i know the person who started it up there has a certain amt just say $2000, for example, put aside for it , it wasnt only based on the rider entry fees)