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just a thought … i think ifyou make the fee too high you will scare these guys awy..remember many of them are working/ on their own its not like parents are footing the bill/paying for races… if they dont race locals because of the money factor( some of them i am told) then putting a fee over $20 is prob not going to attract them. remember these will prob be at state races its not a national. lke someone said keep it reasonable the first year, establish a rider base for the open then if you want to raise it next yr based on the responce this yr so be it. i dont think you will be getting a big draw if you charge over $20. it has to be accessable to the average rider too. there are some riders who are still” on the edge” of making the main at these events, you still want to encourage them to come and race.. i have heard comments when i try to get opens going at howell… “why should i pay $20 to give it to phil” this is coming from older experts who may or may not make the main. you want to keep them interested they are the up and coming riders… i would think getting them as well as the “harley kellys” of racing would make a successful season.they have to see making the main as attainable thats the bottom line. the more diversified the mix of riders the better.

dont overprice it or be greedy..i guess thats my point. my son races the open i will ask him to come on when he gets home to see this post. he races with some faster kids but they just dont have that kind of cash to hand over.