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Adam, I am sorry that you feel singled out. I mentioned the three of you because this thread was created because of what two of the mentioned people wrote. I added you because of the post about performing oral sex at meetings. About santioning anyone that “i” do not agree with. That is a variation on the false logic of “the slippery slope” theory. I am not trying to sanction people that I do not agree with, ask caveman.

Brett, while technically you are correct, to have the opinion that this website is not viewed by children and women, seems to be naive. I have heard or should I say overheard comments made by kids about this site. It is a great resource for the New Jersey bmx community as a whole. By saying that you seem to say that you sanction what has been said(not the ideas but the language). I know that this is not the case.

Adam my post may seem to be fatherly, thank you, I am a father. How should I write? I see no need to belittle anyone for their opinion, no do I see the need to be obscene in my writing.

By the way, re-read the last few posts again. See, it is not that hard to have differing opinions without being angry.