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Sorry for not being able to post during the weekend, didn’t have internet capability. I wasn’t able to get all the finishes but, I was able to get names of NJ rider and some of thier outcomes. You’ve already heard of a few results, here are some more:

Brandon Perez (12n) was kicking butt, everytime I heard his name, he was in front of the pack

The Krause’s did very well all weekend making thier mains and finishing well.

Anthony Fienstien (6r) made the main on Sat also finishing well

Garrett had heavy comp., didn’t make his mains, but Dad (me) was VERY proud of him, because he put forth the best effort I’ve seen from him! 😀

I made all my mains, crashing here and there, and have realized you can’t put the bike in the garage for a month and a half prior to a national and expect to do well 😕 !!!! Must start training again 😡 ! 2-4-4-5-7 place finishes for me

Other names I saw on the sheets with NJ behind thier names but was not able to keep track:

Brian Farro 13n
Zach McLaughlin 12x
Ryan Cohen 10n
Mathew Cranmer 9x
Kyle Mehr 8n

Sorry I couldn’t give you guys a rundown like those of Caveman or Crazy Craig, but, I promise I’ll try harder next time!!! 😳

By the way, they should rename that the “Dust Bowl” National!!!! There were people walking around with masks on because the dust was so bad. Our kids got dirtier inside that place than they would’ve if it were outdoors!!!!