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yes i pd for it dan was watching but i have to tell you the nbl has the announcing down pat compared to aba. that announcer should hang up his hat. i dont know who it is but he is horrible.. he is announcing the guy in first only and he only says the rider number plate…DUHH! no kidding… no excitement at all and he skips like every 2 motos.. i’ll take linda dorsey or roger anyday!!! he is more interested in talking to whoever is next to him in the tower than who is on the track . its a shame really… they had like 7-8 groups of 16x and he only announced the names in 2 of them.. i know they run them fast but please…

plus i dont care for the 1st place guy winning then the rest of the pack sits down and gives up i know you have to be 1st to transfer but it kinda takes the excitement out of the race.. top 4 is more of a battle. .. if you are not in top 2 it looks like the rest of them give up. why bother??.plus if you do win the first moto then you dont race till sunday? i think its better to get more track time i m not a rider but it makes more sence to me. then you have to run the opens i guess more $$….is the name of the game.

good points and bad i guess in both sanctions…