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Rich you’re right, it is 92. Iwent back and looked at the batch it came from. I was saying it was 95 because Dan Mlezco is wearing the 94 Veterans Day Race sweatshirt. I know because I have the same shirt. Only I THOUGHT mine was the same shirt. The 1991 shirt must have had the same design.

Anyway between you and Dan you got them all. Rich you win the prize. Have some Skoal.

1. John Vickers (wearing the CB Video jersey)
2. Doug Luden (And that’s Mickey, not Minnie)
3. Richie Rich
4. Marc Inella
5. Dan Mlezco (wearing what must be the 91 Vet’s Day shirt)
6. Jerzey Szawan
7. Chris Diaz (gate jumping little bastard)
8. Brad Shepley (wearing the Coastal jersey)

Notice how those are all Zeronine or Dyno number plates. Also notice how everybody’s wheel is touching the gate as it drops? For all you newbies out there, this is before the days of the air ram and the gate dropped slower. With a full gate of 18x’s with perfect timing, they’d actually help push the gate down.

The other pictures from that roll include Jeff Lamb wearing Zubas stripes and the building of Mullica Hill. Perhaps I’ll break down and buy a scanner this weekend.