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Ha ha – no way…Mike Nunn, how you doing man ?

yeah, i still have the original S&M, minus the forks, i broke those a while ago.

Id have to look for the S&B cages..probably around somewhere.

Bikes i still have are the Brackens, S&M, TNT Pro XL, some Redline i got from somewhere thats painted blue over chrome, Billy Sidneys old MCS Mantis (?) mini cruiser, and Dave Godfeys old Kastan…you know, the one legged fork thing that looks really dangerous.

I dont know if i want to give up that TNT Ham,

its kinda like the guy that has the old 1978 Camaro sitting is his driveway for 20 years and has done nothing with it but yet cant bring himself to get rid of it either…

Dave, i think your right, the name was Soffer. I remember going into the last race of the year and him being ahead of me by X number of points and all i had to do was finish 1 spot better in my mottos then he did in his. I feel kinda bad about it though because i remember after it was over i saw his mom crying and all.

Man…all these names i remember are still around….starting to make me want to come back and race again.