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Thanks for the warm reception.

Wow, lots of memories brought up in just a few posts. Now that Dave mentions it, i do remember Tom getting Wizard of Ozz’d at the track.

And yes Tom, i too remember that day with all of us and John Salzman. I relive that day quite often like Al Bundy does about his QB days at Polk high… 🙂

One thing about that day no one knows though is that when we were on the cement pad getting ready for the 3rd moto, i threw up because i was damn nervous and had nowhere to spit it out so i swallowed it. That was nasty.

Never felt so much pressure in my life. Had to place one spot better then Klampka in my mottos.
he gets 3rd, i get 2nd
he gets 3rd, i get 2nd
he gets 2nd, i get really nervous…..

last turn i brake checked john after doing a hi low move and won it.
thats probably the main reason i stopped racing was because all that damn pressure year after year i put on myself
Want to come back though and just have fun……on cruiser.