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My balls fell off when I turned x.

Well if you find them you can give one to that crazy Craig guy. He turned expert and fell of the map. And give the other to Ant Dog. He can put it in Phil’s jock that he carries around like a trophy. Maybe that will help.

Go easy there pal ’cause you need to know facts before you dis someone. My wife, myself, and her family have our hands full with a very serious situation right now (that has been going on since June). It was not easy doing the amount of racing I did do this year. Because of this I promised my wife a break after Woodward.

I’ll be at EHT on the 11th and CJ on the 19th. I am out of shape compared to September, but I’ll be there. I wanted to be there yesterday, and wish I had just for the fun, but I would not have been able to race due to a hurt leg.